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Meetings and Events

Bringing Your Vision to Life

If you’re looking for a meeting or conference organiser, our team has the creativity and enthusiasm to bring your vision to life in a way that will match both your needs and your budget.


Events & Conferences

Colpitts has the expertise to ensure your next meeting is a success from start to finish. We offer a full line of services from planning and site research right through to reconciliation and delegate feedback reports.

From small meetings to large conferences our meeting planners take the time to fully understand your objectives and research suitable venues taking into account logistical requirements such as where your delegates are travelling from.


If you’re looking to increase your company’s productivity, why not speak to us about setting up an incentive program? Studies show that a travel incentive program can increase your employees’ productivity by up to 44%.

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Savings with Personalised Customer Service

Our clients not only enjoy huge savings as a result of our large buying power, but also receive personalised customer service. With offices in US and Canada, alongside our alliance with GlobalStar, we can ensure any cost savings are passed on to you.

Investigator Meetings

Colpitts combines its expertise in corporate meetings with over 10 years of experience managing travel for clinical trials to help our pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners arrange and execute successful investigator meetings. Our travel specialists can assist in every phase of the investigator meeting, from budgeting and venue selection to airfare bookings and regulatory compliance.

Working with and monitoring investigators throughout the world is a tremendous challenge for clinical trial sponsors, but Colpitts is a global travel management company with offices and partners around the world. Colpitts understands the significance that investigator meetings have on the overall success of a trial and has a broad range of services available to meet all the needs of both small and large-scale meetings.

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